Drop in any time to our weekly Parkour class open to anyone 6 to 14 years old. Most are beginners but some have years of experience. Class starts with a fun warm up which leads into structured practice and break down of Parkour skills. For more information on drop in classes, click on the image above.

Looking for the perfect summer camp for your kid? Try Parkour! Each camp will run one week long for two hours each day. This just might be the perfect excuse to give your kid some sunshine this summer while practicing this rising discipline of movement. Space is limited. Click photo for more information.

After School

Drop in Class


PDXPK does after School Programs! We have worked with Irvington, Sabin, and Forest Park Elementary Schools and will expand to many more. The classes are designed to learn Parkour basics, and challenge students to think differently about Parkour. No experience is required! Click on image above for more information.