Coach Tyler discovered the local Parkour community in 2012. His background in competitive diving gives him an advantage with acrobatics and a discipline mentality.

Coach Daniel Brogli

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​Our coaches are members of the local Parkour community.
Sharing movement since 2015!

Big thanks to the Portland schools who've supported us!

Around 2010, Joey began his Parkour journey with the Kong vault, a move where you pass over an obstacle using both hands. Today you might find popular videos of him in competitions like Red Bull Art of Motion and North American Parkour Championships​.

Coach Christina Pedroso

Daniel, aka coach 'Broccoli'  began his training in St. Helens Oregon in 2008. Since then, he's traveled to many popular Parkour jams and events. His favorite movement is the precision jump.

"My goal is to train hard and compete all around the world as well as help others find their passion for movement."

Coach Nathan Wu

Christina began learning Parkour in 2014 as a means of self development, fitness and becoming strong to be useful to others. She especially enjoys safely showing children these life-long training methods through play.

With experience in marathon running and wrestling, Nathan began training in 2015. He saw it as a way to become stronger. Today, he continues his challenge mentality in his regular Parkour training and teaching.

Coach Joey Adrian

"Parkour gives me opportunities to challenge my body and my mind. I hope to share it with as many people as I can."

Coach Tyler Puterbaugh